The Change Outfit

Ah the change outfit. It goes in the diaper bag as an extra set of clothes in case there is an accident. Take it with you – because you just don’t know. Or rather, you do know. You know that the kid will drop a deuce as soon as you get on the highway. Or […]

shootin’ poopin’

sometimes, when she poops, it’s a cataclysm. A volcano. An eruption of orange poop that sprays out like a hose of horror. and every crease and crevice on her wrinkly little body gets filled with poop. up her back, on her stomach, down her legs, between her toes. a good friend gave me some great […]

too soon?

How early is too early to learn a life lesson? You rip bandaids off, all at once. BAM, get it off. We brought BG home at 2 days old, and she had one on. Not a nice baby one either, this thing was industrial strength, and hard to get off. We started to ease it […]

The questionable entertainment value of bringing the kid to a beer hall.

I mean, that probably sounds like a disaster. Normally I’d think of a beer hall as a loud, very drunken place of extremely large heavy mugged beer and pretzels. Packed with party. But we ended up there on a windy, sunny but not that warm day, looking to get out for a beer, get some […]