Gym Set Zero

No swingset, no problem. I remember swingsets from when I was a kid. Simple a-frames connected by a bar. Swings! I think one of the neighbors might have had monkey bars. Sure, I’ve been living in cities and sitting at a desk for the last 15 years, but even I could put one of these things […]

Singing like an idiot whatever words come to mind.

Yeah I sing like an idiot. The kid likes to hear singing. Changing the diaper, walking around the apartment, the good morning song, the good night song, the please go the fuck back to sleep song. If I’m passing through the room with the baby in it, I’m singing my way through. Hey, it makes her […]

Mother’s Day Score Round Up

*Actually for Mother’s Day 2014 but posting to start the scoreboard…2015 to follow.  So it was the first Mother’s Day for my wife. I’ve had some lackluster performances for birthdays for years, and a wedding anniversary, so I guess it should come as no surprise I didn’t get it done for Mother’s Day either. It would […]