Love thy nanny

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Oh yeah – I write this parenting blog every week and we are rocking a nanny. You should get one too. They do the heavy lifting.

I know a family that has TWO. They are just like people before kids, with all their free time and their sleep. I hate them.

I assume this is common knowledge among the nannies themselves, but a good nanny spends almost as much time tending to new parents as to the baby. Soothing our bruised egos, redirecting our misguided intentions, trying to gently, but firmly, show us how the world really is.

It’s hard because these are OUR kids, and we know best! Right? Maybe. The ultimate decisions reside with us of course, but I recommend listening with an open mind too.

We read a lot of articles, books and blogs. Took a class or too, joined some great groups (like the NYC Dads Group). All extremely helpful!

But our nanny has had literally decades of experience on the ground. Professional child care providers, not to mention a parent in her own right.

Listen, I’ve read a few books about fighting dragons, but if one shows up I’m calling it in. Same thing here.

They have seen it before, and can stay calm in a storm. I’m not saying they know everything and that they should raise your kids.

But if you can get to the point where they are almost a member of the family – but not the member of your family with all the unwelcome advice delivered poorly (I’m looking at you Aunt Clarissa) – it’s golden.

It’s hard to get there – walking out leaving my kid with a virtual stranger was real hard. It’ll take some time, if you can get there at all.

But if you do, live it up.

#1 reason our nanny thinks we’re crazy: sleep. We wake a sleeping baby and try to rock a schedule. Worked with the first kid. Second one, we’re four months in with no progress.

#2 is lackadaisical discipline. We’re a pile of pushovers. She gets good behavior AND hugs.



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