Oh yeah, we got a minivan.

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We studied up on the cliche, and we said, yep, that seems fine. We had the 2 kids, fled the city, squared up in a little house in the suburbs. We do not have a white picket fence, but our neighbor two houses down sure does.

So, the minivan. Our pre-baby friends, those that have hung in this far, shake their heads. They say, “You didn’t have to do that, you know. Lots of people with kids don’t have a minivan.”

It’s true. I’m not sure yet whether we made the right decision. Right now I’m just basking in the amenities offered because it’s a new car, with a few minivan specific perks. I do think when the kids are older it’ll pay off more, but only time will tell.

How did we come by this decision?

Fairly easily actually. The problem with most cars, and even SUVs, is that if you put 2 car seats in there, you’re pretty much done. With 2 car seats there is no room for anyone else. So here we are, in the suburbs…and we can’t pick up a pair of friends from the train station. Should they gear up for a visit, of course.

And it’s not just when the kids are with you. Putting the seats in and out is just enough over the hump of “pain in the ass” that you won’t do it lightly.

So we looked at different options with more seating. There are some, not a lot. We went with the minivan.

What do I like about it?

  • Keyless entry and start. Most new cars probably have this. I just keep the key fob in my pocket and it lets me in and starts the car and off I go. Now that I’m used to it I can’t stand to drive the other car. Take my keys out of my pocket? I don’t think so.
  • Automatic doors. I carry a lot of kids and groceries and just crap. This will get worse when we add in sports.
  • Big sliding doors – makes getting kids in those seats slightly more tolerable. They still kick and fight and won’t put down their damn water cup for one single second. But there is more room to fight them.
  • Room for other people. We have it now. Come visit, please.
  • Overhead movie theater. The kids don’t know about it yet. The wife and I go out there and sleep through a movie from time to time.
  • A wide screen back up camera/monitor. I can eliminate having to turn around at all now.

What do I hate about it?

  • Keyless start. I have actually parked the car and gotten out without out turning the car off.
  • Monster key size. You do still need to have it with you. Putting it away in a jacket pocket is fine, but Summer is Coming. The two car keys together is like carrying around a baseball in my pocket.
  • Navigation system. Google Maps beats the shit out of this onboard hunk of junk. It’s a pain to enter an address and I’m not confident in its traffic-avoiding abilities.
  • Voice recognition. It just doesn’t. I could talk to that thing all day and we never get on the same page. It’s accidentally called London before.
  • It’s like driving a boat. More parking space needed, more driveway needed. So far I’m not doing so very well.

So, there you go. Minivans. How far we’ve fallen.

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