Like the “AY” in OKAY.

I generally do not mind having nothing to do. I love it. I’ve got a book, I’ve got a little TV to catch up on, I’m always down for a snack. I’m also pretty good at getting something done when I want to get it done. I like to solve problems and learn new things. But I have […]

You Are Abruptly Average

You are on this site so you must be pretty smart. I bet you went to college. In fact, I bet you went to a good college and got great grades (average American GPA is 3.11)! I bet you excelled at sports – or at least video game sports – and would venture to guess […]

Singing like an idiot whatever words come to mind.

Yeah I sing like an idiot. The kid likes to hear singing. Changing the diaper, walking around the apartment, the good morning song, the good night song, the please go the fuck back to sleep song. If I’m passing through the room with the baby in it, I’m singing my way through. Hey, it makes her […]