Nocturnal Omissions – The Jewel Thief

Last night, I came up with this ingenious plan to make and sell fake… rubys. YES RUBY’S!  Who the hell even thinks about rubys?  I bet the ruby industry had one period of time where they saw demand for their product skyrocket. I’m guessing it was the 3-6 month period following Aug 25th, 1939.  Specifically, that was the release date for the Wizard […]

Nocturnal Omissions – An Intro

When it’s three in the morning, and it’s just you and a sleeping/crying/wailing/drooling baby, a lot of odd thoughts will go through your head. Well, maybe not YOUR head, but definitely my head. I call them nocturnal omissions. Nocturnal omissions occur in the wee hours and make concrete sense at the time, but ultimately are […]