Potty Training Layover

The older kid, she’s potty training. The beginning I’d say. Not because it just started, but because there is a lot of road left to drive. We’ve been working on it awhile. She seems stuck in a weird middle ground. She’s got two moves, and neither of them are “use the tiny pink toilet we […]

The day the poop bag broke.

Do you know what a diaper pail is? If you’re here, you probably have a kid or one on the way – so you’ve probably at least considered buying one. Just in case – it is a type of garbage pail that is hermetically sealed, or at least that’s what they aim for. You keep […]

The Change Outfit

Ah the change outfit. It goes in the diaper bag as an extra set of clothes in case there is an accident. Take it with you – because you just don’t know. Or rather, you do know. You know that the kid will drop a deuce as soon as you get on the highway. Or […]

shootin’ poopin’

sometimes, when she poops, it’s a cataclysm. A volcano. An eruption of orange poop that sprays out like a hose of horror. and every crease and crevice on her wrinkly little body gets filled with poop. up her back, on her stomach, down her legs, between her toes. a good friend gave me some great […]

The sound of poop.

One thing I did not know- that I would hear the pooping. I knew I would be changing a lot of diapers. I knew there would be what I now know are called “open air accidents.” I knew I’d have poop on me. But I did not know about the sound. I can hear it […]