Love thy nanny

Oh yeah – I write this parenting blog every week and we are rocking a nanny. You should get one too. They do the heavy lifting. I know a family that has TWO. They are just like people before kids, with all their free time and their sleep. I hate them. I assume this is common […]

Thank god it’s Frida

When you’re first getting used to the constant, neurotic checking to see if your kid is still breathing, you learn to get comfortable with the extremely loud, frequent noises they make. They snuffle, sniff and snore more than drunk Santa. You’ll start to be able to read the noises. You’ll know if a cry is coming, because it […]

Oh yeah, we got a minivan.

We studied up on the cliche, and we said, yep, that seems fine. We had the 2 kids, fled the city, squared up in a little house in the suburbs. We do not have a white picket fence, but our neighbor two houses down sure does. So, the minivan. Our pre-baby friends, those that have hung in […]

The Hot Water Bottle Trick

A genius trick from a friend and brand new dad Adam – thanks for the heads up on this.  Everybody knows those first couple of months with a new kid can dent up your beauty rest. If you don’t have a kid of your own, here’s the quick and dirty: newborns need to eat every […]

Swaddle – learn it, love it. Do it right.

swad·dle – (verb) – wrap (someone, especially a baby) in garments or cloth. You’ll see your hospital nurses make it look easy. You’ll google around and find a million examples of it looking easy too. This one is a great one b/c the baby faces are realistic – crying. This one, in order to get smiling baby faces, […]

I was Bjorn confused

Seriously, why are there so many different types of these things? Out of the 1,498 things we needed to purchase for the arrival of the daughter, this was pretty much my sole responsibility. It’s not just Baby Bjorn anymore ladies and gentlemen. It’s not just a study of different types – but different philosophies, and different priorities, go into […]