Midnight Knife Fight

I talk, I think, quite a bit about the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. Turns out it’s pretty variable. I thought the first time was rough. That was easy. This second kid is to sleep like Dr. Claw was to Inspector Gadget. Anyway – with a newborn, you spend a lot of time awake in the middle […]

Haiku Thursday

My new sweet baby In his jungle of blankets Grunts like a boar.

Haiku Thursday

We walk in the Bjorn As women leer boldly, aroused. A terrible waste.

Haiku Thursday

Constantly pooping My son proves himself worthy The heir to the throne  

Saving for college

Did you wake up in a cold sweat this morning thinking, “How the fuck am i going to save $1,000,000 to send this kid to college in 17 years?” Did you go to work, grinding it out at the office, thinking, “For every hour I work I need to save 47 minutes worth of the […]

Singing like an idiot whatever words come to mind.

Yeah I sing like an idiot. The kid likes to hear singing. Changing the diaper, walking around the apartment, the good morning song, the good night song, the please go the fuck back to sleep song. If I’m passing through the room with the baby in it, I’m singing my way through. Hey, it makes her […]