Wait…I have to clean what up?

I haven’t thrown up in a while. More than 10 years. My last time was not illness related – for better or worse my stomach is pretty iron clad. But there was a period of time, however, that I seemed to occasionally find myself in bars with spoiled ice cubes and poisonous shot glasses. And […]

“I want my mommy”

Future Dads– get comfortable having your parenting skills scoffed at. It might come from your parents, or your in-laws, or the neighbors, or your lady, or random people you see at the grocery store. Anyone, maybe everyone, is going to think you can’t hack it. You’ll be considered a babysitter not a parent. People will […]

Oh yeah, we got a minivan.

We studied up on the cliche, and we said, yep, that seems fine. We had the 2 kids, fled the city, squared up in a little house in the suburbs. We do not have a white picket fence, but our neighbor two houses down sure does. So, the minivan. Our pre-baby friends, those that have hung in […]

Midnight Knife Fight

I talk, I think, quite a bit about the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. Turns out it’s pretty variable. I thought the first time was rough. That was easy. This second kid is to sleep like Dr. Claw was to Inspector Gadget. Anyway – with a newborn, you spend a lot of time awake in the middle […]

The Santa Paradox

Or, How Are You Going to Disinfect The Local Drunk? Follow this: A new toy enters your house. Perhaps you bought it. Perhaps a family member. Your kiddo wants to play with this damned thing immediately, but alas that is not the first fate for this toy. No way, no how. First, this toy must […]

Christmas – what comes to mind.

My kids aren’t old enough for the whole Santa thing yet. My brother has two in and one out of the whole lie- so I’ve got to be pretty careful over there. If I blow it for them they’ll just be waiting to blow it for my kids. Anyway – because the kids are so […]