“I want my mommy”

Future Dads– get comfortable having your parenting skills scoffed at. It might come from your parents, or your in-laws, or the neighbors, or your lady, or random people you see at the grocery store. Anyone, maybe everyone, is going to think you can’t hack it. You’ll be considered a babysitter not a parent. People will […]

Love thy nanny

Oh yeah – I write this parenting blog every week and we are rocking a nanny. You should get one too. They do the heavy lifting. I know a family that has TWO. They are just like people before kids, with all their free time and their sleep. I hate them. I assume this is common […]

Like the “AY” in OKAY.

I generally do not mind having nothing to do. I love it. I’ve got a book, I’ve got a little TV to catch up on, I’m always down for a snack. I’m also pretty good at getting something done when I want to get it done. I like to solve problems and learn new things. But I have […]

Midnight Knife Fight

I talk, I think, quite a bit about the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. Turns out it’s pretty variable. I thought the first time was rough. That was easy. This second kid is to sleep like Dr. Claw was to Inspector Gadget. Anyway – with a newborn, you spend a lot of time awake in the middle […]

The Hot Water Bottle Trick

A genius trick from a friend and brand new dad Adam – thanks for the heads up on this.  Everybody knows those first couple of months with a new kid can dent up your beauty rest. If you don’t have a kid of your own, here’s the quick and dirty: newborns need to eat every […]

The day the poop bag broke.

Do you know what a diaper pail is? If you’re here, you probably have a kid or one on the way – so you’ve probably at least considered buying one. Just in case – it is a type of garbage pail that is hermetically sealed, or at least that’s what they aim for. You keep […]

Swaddle – learn it, love it. Do it right.

swad·dle – (verb) – wrap (someone, especially a baby) in garments or cloth. You’ll see your hospital nurses make it look easy. You’ll google around and find a million examples of it looking easy too. This one is a great one b/c the baby faces are realistic – crying. This one, in order to get smiling baby faces, […]